Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Call to Action

[Freedom of the Press] The two news producers who were arrested in St. Paul for having the temerity to report on the Republican National Convention may be charged with felony riot charges. Hyperparanoid security measures at the RNC have made a mockery of our political system.

Democracy Now has issued an alert including contact info. Thanks to Bryan Bale for the heads up!

(Brandon Burt)


  1. It's amazing that this is considered a "non story" by many. It's actually sickening. When our basic rights are taken away and nobody cares. We turn our cities into Police States to suppress the right of American people to assemble together. Where police use forceful and unnecessary tactics on innocent Americans, unlawfully raiding homes, spying on citizens and arresting journalist for being there. Not only just arresting them but beating them and ripping off their credentials!

    What country was this in?


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