Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SLC Band On The Run


Seven people crammed in a fifteen passenger van for 49 days. What an awesome vacation.

Tightening up loose dates and collecting quarters under couch cushions so we don't starve on tour. I'm speaking of course on behalf of Band of Annuals, the 6 piece "notorious" Salt Lake City ramblin' band. You might have heard of us a little bit this past year. If not, we are going to try and keep you entertained for the next seven weeks with a little bit of "on-the-road gossip."

We've toured extensively for the last couple years, mainly getting our boots wet in the Northwest and California. Earlier this year, we decided to make the jump and head all the way to the East Coast. New York, Athens, Nashville, Chicago, you name it! Starting Wednesday, Sept. 10, we're recreating the magical cross-country tour, kicking things off in Denver. We've done all our own booking with tons of help from bands we've played with in the past and just friends in other cities helping in any way they can.

We pack light, the least amount of things rolling around the back of the van the better. We are in and out of peoples' houses at 3 in the morning seven people can make quite a ruckus and occupy a shit-ton of floor space.

Hotel suites, swimming pools, drugs, booze, "groupies", the Benjamins ... these things don't really happen to seven smelly dudes (female member Jer included here) crammed in a van (aka Galactigone) for 8 hours at a time. We are happy with just a floor we can sleep on. Although booze is always a plus.

We're very lucky to come from such a strong community that gives us such positive support. It's always awesome when people say in that condescending tone, "So how's the scene in Salt Lake?' and we can boldly say, "Fucking awesome." They kind of get embarrassed and then explain how shitty their scene is.

Milk, Eggs, Bullets,

Trever "Don't you dare call me T-Bags" Hadley
bassist, Band of Annuals

ps. If you don't own Tolchock Trio's new ablum Abolone Skeletone, you're missing out.

[journalistic integrity disclosure: City Weekly's Jamie G.'s gentleman caller plays drums in BOA]


  1. Dear Loves of my Life,
    I miss you already. A ton. You are the most of epic of people.

  2. i bet chaz wrote that previous comment...


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