Friday, September 5, 2008

Director's Cuts

The "director's cut" has become film-industry shorthand for a version of a film that's generally longer -- and equally likely to be more violent and/or sexual. Not so for the version of the psychological drama Take, opening locally next Friday, Sept. 12. In fact, local theater audiences will be getting director Charles Oliver's own equivalent to a CleanFlicks version.

Because Take was rated R by the MPAA for "some violence with intense emotional impact," Oliver -- a BYU graduate -- was concerned that his reconciliation-themed story starring Minnie Driver might fall outside the acceptable viewing parameters of some Utah residents. So, according to a press release sent by a local publicist, Oliver made a few strategic edits to the version released elsewhere, resulting in a PG-13-ish version. Younger viewers and those who shun the R may now consider it safe to partake of the film's message. (Scott Renshaw)

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