Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh No They Didn't!

[Media] With this headline: "Sarah steps out: Republican candidate a pit bull with lipstick"--did the Trib just call Sarah Palin a bitch?

Do not even flirt with bullshit misogyny, Trib. You will soon regret it.

There are abundant reasons to disparage Palin; the fact that she's guilty of the crime of Being Assertive While in Possession of a Vagina is not one of them. (Actually, if it weren't that she's against procreative choice and marriage equity, thinks that the Iraq war is a blessing from God and that creationism is "science," and belongs to a combative, scary, Dominionist religion--one which teaches, by the way, that:
Mormonism is an original, invented religion, born of the mind of Joseph Smith, who is responsible for the spiritual seduction of millions of people. To the world, Mormonism sells itself as the friendly Christian church down the street, but in reality it is no closer to biblical Christianity than Hinduism or Islam.
--well, if it weren't for all those things, plus the fact that, to her, "good parenting" involves forcing a pregnant 17-year-old into marriage with a hapless, 18-year-old hockey jock who was only out to have a good time at the Monster Truck Rally--then a lot more Utahns might be a bit more sympathetic toward this misguided soul.)

Anyway, the whole point is: Pit bulls have been undeservedly maligned in the press. Most of them are sweet. Anybody remember Petey from The Little Rascals?

Yeah, Petey. Good dog.

(Brandon Burt)


  1. You must have missed the speech. I'm an R, and didn't mind the headline. She said, "You know what they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is? Lipstick!"

    She brought the headline to herself there.

    And as for her church, she's no longer Assembly of God. She's non-denominational Christian, which can hold similar views to AoG or CoGiC (Church of God in Christ), but generally aren't so combative.

  2. I really miss Spanky and Alfalfa. But Petey the most.

  3. Please, Brandon, read the article to which the headline was attached before you do the knee-jerk slam. Based on your analogy, it appears Sarah called herself a bitch.

  4. Oh, anonymous. The point is Petey the pit bull, and the silliness of the expression "pit bull in lipstick." Petey! Lipstick!

    Have you no soul?

  5. I was going to add my 2 cents to this as well but it appears that most of the people here did it for me. C'mon Brandon, put out a Mea Culpa and admit you did the knee jerk thing here or at least pretend your not a total tool. Your boss has in the past and so has your previous boss. Its not that bad, admit your wrong and move on.

  6. the fucker didn't own up!

  7. Oh, sorry, anonymous; I hadn't realized anybody was still following this blog entry.

    Actually, going back and critiquing these little spur-of-the-moment blog entries might be a good exercise. So ...

    OK, yes, Palin did make that comment herself, not the Trib editors. And, no, I didn't read the article first. I only read the headline, and I remember being enthused about the prospect of having some campy fun with the image of a pit bull in lipstick.

    (I still think the Photoshop job was not bad for a rank amateur!)

    But, you're right: This is not one of my better blog entries. It fails as the whimsical farce I intended it to be; it's heavy-handed and comes across as harsh rather than playful.

    Also, had I watched the speech first, it would at least have made more sense.

    So, you got me: I'd have been better off just to post the Photoshop image by itself!

    Thanks for keeping me honest.


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