Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Bison Brief

[Bites] According to the National Bison Association, production and sales of bison have been increasing at an average rate of nearly 20 percent for the past two years. There must be something to this bison business, maybe because it's relatively low in fat, high in protein and has a beneficial cholesterol profile. If you’re interested in trying natural, sustainable bison, a number of downtown restaurants are featuring bison dishes during the Downtown Dine O' Round: Acme Burger (bison burgers), Metropolitan (bison short ribs osso buco), Faustina's (bison sliders), The New Yorker (braised buffalo short ribs) and Squatters (BBQ buffalo burgers). In addition, this weekend Whole Foods in conducting a “Buffalo Bonanza.” Mmmmm ... bison! (Ted Scheffler)

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