Thursday, September 11, 2008 Pinpoint SLC 2

[Media/Podcast] The second weekly installment of's Pinpoint SLC debuts today--this time, hosted by City Weekly's Bill Frost (yeah, me) and Plan-B Theater's Jerry Rapier.

The latest five-minute podcast, which should also be heard on UtahFM's live stream, is divided between myself interviewing local rock-scene vets SuperSoFar (right) about their new EP release at Club Vegas tomorrow night, and Jerry talking to playwright Jeff Metcalf about his A Slight Discomfort, opening at the Salt Lake Acting Company.


  1. I like it, but why only 5 minutes? Every afternoon, we are treated to two or three bluesy Hammond B3 organ solos on KRCL that are longer than that.

  2. our thought that was 5 minutes was quick enough for more folks to listen and hear what's coming up in town.


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