Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pinpoint SLC on

[Media/Podcast] Sure, the name sounds kinda like a condo development in Draper, but's new Pinpoint SLC podcast (debuting today) is far more useful than that. The factoids from UFM:

"Pinpoint SLC picks the sweetest fruit from the blossoming Salt Lake City art and culture scene and delivers it directly to your ears in weekly delectable doses. Independent local media veterans bring SLC notables onto the show to let them tell firsthand tales from the city’s creative side. Podcasts fuse the intimacy of radio with the Net’s interactivity to promote a community that is connected, cultured and informed. Viral technology that allows any website to host the podcasts ensures they will spread like fire through all online channels frequented by Salt Lake art and culture enthusiasts, beginning with UtahFM’s already exploding listenership.

"Quick facts: Covers local bands, classical music, theater and visual arts. Airs each Thursday·. Five minutes long. Showcases best events of upcoming week. Downloadable from iTunes, and Flash widget. Directs listeners to other local media for more information."

Don't worry--you won't actually explode. And those local-media veterans include SLUG's Angela Brown (up first for the Sept. 4 podcast), Jerry Rapier of Plan-B Theater, Laura Durham of the Utah Arts Council and 15 Bytes, Kate Crawford and Crystal Young-Otterstrom on classical music, as well as City Weekly's Jamie Gadette and ... me? Oh yeah--better get to work.

Pinpoint SLC will also pop up regularly during UtahFM's streaming programming--which you should be listening to already; it's all the web radio you need. (Bill Frost)

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