Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tim Finn Of Crowded House

For those who haven't yet heard, the Paladium is closed. I know many of you are wondering, why should I care about a Los Angeles club shutting down. No, silly! That's the Palladium! And that venue is doing just fine. The Paladium (one L) was a short-lived private club near the west-side whose untimely demise has resulted in several shows getting scattershot across the valley. Tim Finn's Thursday night show has been moved to Bar Deluxe. Apparently it's an early gig, so arrive around 8, grab a drink and get to know the staff if you haven't already. Chances are good that with one less venue around Deluxe might be snagging some more quality touring acts.
In other Deluxe-related news, sister tattoo shop Big Deluxe recently got the boot from its 400 South digs (the same block City Weekly once operated before getting the same boot four years ago)and will be shacking up right next to Bar Deluxe (and right up the street from Big Deluxe, next to Burt's). Bikini Cuts is also on the move. So, is Port O' Call next? Stay tuned.

(Jamie Gadette)

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  1. Tim Finn and Xavier Rudd in less than 7 days! Goes to show if you put up with shitty beer for long enough, eventually they send something good from home.


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