Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oil Shale Extraction Coming To Utah

[Environment] Rather then breaking our oil addiction, legislators are scouring the land for any sign of oil as strung-out junkies looking for their next fix. Our state’s lone Democrat, Jim Matheson, is the dealer pushing eastern Utah’s Uinta Basin for oil shale production. Matheson managed to push through legislation lifting the previous moratorium on oil shale production.

Southern Utah Wildness Alliance is hosting information sessions exploring what oil shale production means for our western landscape. Conservation photographer Garth Lenz and energy analyst Randy Udall will share images and stories about similar extraction in Canada. The first session will be Monday September 29 at the University of Utah inside the Theater of the Student Union Building from 7-8:30 p.m. The next day the information session will be in Moab at the Grand County Public Library (257 E. Center Street) from 6-7:30 p.m. (Joseph Bateman)


  1. Yet another thing to thank Jim "Dandy" Matheson (D-weasel) for. When, oh when, are Utah Dems going to wake up and realize that Matheson could give a flying donut about actual, you know, DEMOCRATIC principles, and only cares about getting re-elected. He has a constituency of one, and it sure ain't me or you. Where have you gone, Jenny Wilson, Utah turns its lonely eyes to you...

  2. i agree with rdale... who is this guy? i figured this out long ago though and couldnt bring myself to vote for him last election. this one will certainly be no different. hes never been much for the environment though and im guessing he doesnt realize how much water it takes to extract that oil shale gold. its too bad... once again.

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