Monday, September 8, 2008

Roller Derby Report: Bombers Beat Sisters 118-74

[Alt-Sports] The 2007 Champion Bomber Babes are headed to the final showdown for 2008 after defeating the Sisters of No Mercy 118-74 Saturday night in their final bout at the Utah Olympic Oval; the Salt City Derby Girls will be skating in a new venue for the last two games of the season, announcement to come soon.

The scrappy Sisters pulled ahead of the Bombers early in the tightly-scored bout, but the girls in green soon rolled away with it. Compounding the defeat, the Sisters' Serrated Sapphire (in action above) took a hard fall in the first period, bringing the game to a halt for nearly 30 minutes before she was removed from the track by EMTs and taken away in an ambulance.

The SCDG reports she'll be OK, and the Bomber Babes will go on to defend their title against the Leave It to Cleavers in October at that Mystery Venue.

Action shots from Saturday by Mark Alston:

(Bill Frost)

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