Tuesday, July 1, 2008

That's Our Archie!

[Karaoke News] Remember David Archuleta? No? Come on--he was almost an American Idol! Anyway, Archie just told Seventeen magazine the following:

Q: When was your first kiss?
A: I haven't had a first kiss.

And ...

Q: What's a girl fashion trend that confuses you?
A: I don’t get those really short skirts.

Not to mention ...

Q: What's your dream job?
A: ... If not music, I think it would be pretty cool to be an ear, nose and throat doctor.

Somehow, David Cook seems even more like a rock star than before ... (Bill Frost)


  1. Somebody get that boy laid!

  2. David, you like boys. That might be your problem.

    Take it from someone playing on your team, life will be happier if you follow your truth.


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