Thursday, August 7, 2008

Marcus! Was! Robbed!

[Locals on Reality TV] He made it to the Final 2, but SLC's Marcus lost to Iliza Schlesinger on Last Comic Standing--who knew America was ready to vote in a woman?

Marcus is still our man, however--he'll be at Wiseguys in Ogden and West Valley City this weekend before going on the LCS tour. Go show him the love, and please don't mention David Archuleta.

Now, we'll see if the Slippery Kittens can stay on America's Got Talent ... (Bill Frost)


  1. The finale was the first time Marcus actually made me laugh on LCS. When he is not doing the voices, he is actually really funny, but I still liked Iliza better (except last night and then she wasn't that funny).

  2. That blew. I thought for sure he had it when the guy from Seattle went out. Complete bummer.

  3. Why rely on talent and a sense of humor, when lame dating jokes and mugging can win the day?

  4. Ok, here's the thing...Is Marcus funnier than Iliza?...Yes...but here's the issue...Marcus never got the chance to perform his talents as much as Iliza. She was challenged twice in 2 weeks and knocked out 4 other (albeit quite annoying) comedians. She built a following..."the girl you don't f*ck with". Marcus even won a challenge where his prize was not having to perform...if anything that hurt him more than it helped. Now, Iliza is a great comic with a lot of potential, but Marcus is much more polished and more comfortable on stage. If anything, they should hit the road together and learn from one another. Sorry Marcus. I think the odds just weren't in your favor, but don't for one second think the road of comedy isn't for is. Great job to both of you.


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