Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big, Scary Drug Bust!

[The War on Some Drugs] We can all breathe a sigh of relief since the defenders of public order were brave enough to stand up to a "drug operation" in southern Utah.

No, it wasn't a bunch of crazy rednecks manufacturing crank or armed gangsters smuggling heroin across the border. It was a few pot farms.

Still, the D-News breathlessly reported that it "may be one of the largest drug busts in state history" and, predictably, failed to offer a single quote from a grower or legalization advocate.

(Brandon Burt)


  1. ...and why would they offer a quote from a grower or an advocate? I believe the point was to show how they shut down an operation that, the last time I checked, was illegal. They don't go out getting quotes from meth heads or coke heads either. If you want to grow something, try corn!


  2. Marijuana isn't illegal everywhere, anonymous, and there's a substantial plurality that thinks it should be legalized.

    That plurality would quickly become a clear majority if the media covered these stories in a balanced, objective way.

    Instead, the media unthinkingly reports on only one side of the story: That of government dittoheads who think of marijuana as a "drug," as if it were in the same class as heroin--and who think of pot-smokers as "criminals," overtaxing the legal system and making it more difficult to deal with real crime.

  3. the category -- the war on some drugs -- fantabulous!!! I'm stealing that phrase.


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