Friday, August 1, 2008

The Camel's Nose?

[Liquor] Apparently, the DABC can create changes in boozelaw without asking permission from Mothers Against Adulthood and the Legislature.

Could this be the camel's nose under the tent? Are our frogs about to be boiled? In 10 years' time, will Utah become a drunken free-for-all? What about the children? (Brandon Burt)


  1. It's a shame we don't have the same loophole they do in Colorado. Then Utah might *finally* be able to get one Trader Joe's in Salt Lake City or something like that...

    It would also be nice to have at least one Smith's, Albertsons, Harmons, etc. offering beer, wine and liquor.


  2. The real question here is just how much Bourbon a two-hump camel can store, and for how many days?
    And, does fine sippin' whiskey age well inside a Bactrian beasty's humps?


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