Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC Protester Profiles: Homo-Haters vs. Hippies

[Democratic National Convention] Wandering over to the Denver Civic Center Park it was apparent there was a bit of a showdown going on. One of those great megaphone dialogues where you only really make out staticy retorts like "Jesus hates you" and "hate-preaching asshole!" Yes, my favorite flavor of democracy--pissed off protesters.

While waiting for the anti-green capitalist march to get going, a whole mob of well meaning greasy haired kids were in a pissing match with surly, overwieght homophobes wearing shirts that said "Ask me why you deserve to burn in hell." Makes me grateful that Utah missionaries at least wear a nice shirt and tie, don't carry megaphones and recognize that winning converts probably works best when you don't come right out and say they're going to hell at the first encounter.

Well, the pissing match seemed to be getting nowhere when in a moment of pure hilarity one of the long haired activists took off his shirt, walked over and proclaimed himself as Jesus. Soon the hippie kids were bowing at his feet and asking him to save them from gayness.

Hi-damn-larious. Though in the end I had to agree with the sentiment of one of the 24 cops who had to stand in front of the homophobes to make sure they didn't get their self -righteous asses kicked. "I'm all for expressing yourself," the cop told me. "I just wish they could do it civilly so we don't have to babysit." (Eric S. Peterson)

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