Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Local Band Tour Diary: Day 5

Sacramento was A-OK. We played at Luna's Cafe to a crowd featuring the door girl, the waitress, and a chick doing her homework, but they all seemed to really enjoy it. After our show our friends in Alak Alas Alaska helped us get into this show a few blocks over that stole the crowd. Ha! Rightfully so though, it was in a this superb art space and the show was rad as ever, bands like Hexlove and Thee Oh Sees (super percussive experimental) it ended with this band named The Z's (you guys should check out all of them).

We went back to their house and just kicked it--too hot to really do anything but take it easy. The morning winds however, brought great change.

We said goodbye to our dear friend Hannah (okay.okay). I drove her to the airport way early and it was a somber farewell, we miss you MC SILENT. R.I.P.

Have no fear though, we're playing with her in Boise on the way home, and she lent me her sleeping bag. 'Till this point I've only had a blanket and a really nice pillow. Cold as a mother fucker.

We got asked to play the second night with Agent Ribbons, Alak Alas Alaska & Wummin (chicago). It went pretty well, then Garrick and I split for Nevada City.

At this point it was one in the morning. Nevada City is on 1-80 no more than an hour away, maybe an hour and a half. As we drove on, something happened. We started getting eerie vibes and our conversation bleed into the paranormal. Reflective street signs became very animated (waiver: we had taken no substances, so don't get your hopes us). When we came to (so it seemed) we were only 30 minutes out of Sacramento on an entire different freeway than which we had started and made sure we were on.

Mind you, we had lost 2 hours somewhere.

We camped as usual, tarp and blanket, sneaking into campsites and getting out freely has become our fortae, we finally made it to Nevada City. It was quaint, as well as Grass Valley, quaint. Kinda Park City(ish). We found a lake that day to camp at again and spent the day playing music, swimming, fishing by bag and stick, nature bathing, and slept under a nearly full moon with our ever so proud hand-made-no-paper added fire keeping us warm. It was so refreshing to be out there, it's so nice to be with someone whose into camping rather than finding a place to crash. I mean, it's like we have the option of sleeping in nature under the stars, soaking pu healthy god air, clearing your lungs, purifying your soul. Take note touring bands, camping only makes you better musicians. I'm way glad Garrick is here.

Chico is also way too fucking hot. Global Warming is becoming a reality for us, were burnt to crisps, skin peeling, gettting skinny and buff, and our beards and getting big. The show in Chico was really good for us, we finally made some money. FINALLY. We played with Aubrey Debauchery (chico) and come old friends from last time I was here came out and out we went for the night. This is what we've dubbed the Garrick Leg of the tour, I can't wait to play again. We kicked it off right, sold some merch (finally) and made some door cash and are good to go. 8 more days you guys. Miss you all.

Shameless Plug: August 30th @ Kilby court w. Jana Hunter, Mothers of Songs, Lesser Gonzalez.


(chaz prymek)


  1. hows the fishing going, guys? glad to read that you're having a good time, the camping idea is cool. see you soon and GODSPEED YOU WHITE EMPERORS

  2. who the hell are these guys?


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