Thursday, August 14, 2008

Local Band Tour Diary: Day 4

[Chaz Prymek Tour] The drive to Big Sur was AMAZING! Overwhelming even, we stopped at the Henry Miller Library to see if they had any good shows going on and ran into another touring band, playing at some place in Alpine. So go see them. Whoever they are. Big Sur is not like Jack Kerouac put it, it's very beautiful and lush, and green, but very ritzy now. Our Saturn was probably the worst off car we saw the whole time. But I do recommend you drive it. I think it's important.

We stopped and got some soup and decided we couldn't afford to stay in Big Sur, so we hit the road to Santa Cruz.

I have decided that I want to live in Santa Cruz. We kicked it old school style for a while before getting a tip of lispsy pizza girl of a spot to camp above the campus there. We drove up and found a spot to park finally, when out of the car behind us came the nicest of humans. A girl named...Angela...or Elisa... In the morning we weren't sure, we're still not even sure if she was real. Real or not, she was a doll, and so kindhearted. We talked with her in her camper she lived in, in a camper community on campus at USCS. She walked us up to a meadow in the redwoods behind her camper and left us to the woods.

Meteor shower. blah blah blah. Woke up surrounded in fog to the point of white blindness. Blah Blah Blah. Left Angel(a or Elisa) a note saying thank you. And took off for San Fran.
San Fran was cool, now were in Sacramento kicking it till the show, reading, writing, living, loving, vibin', groovin', killin'.

We have discovered a few things about each other: I really like forests and wake up WAY too early. Garrick is not human. Hannah loves to shout through tunnels.

We recorded Hannah's album up at the farm so get one when it’s all done. I think we're coming home sooner than planned.

We're smelly and sunburnt.

Love you guys, keep on rocking in the free world.

(Chaz, Garrick, Hannah)

p.s. body surfing isn't as easy as regular surfing.

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