Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Darfur Days Part II

[Activism Update] Sorry about the confusion, I had hoped for the previous Darfur Days blog to link to the SaltLakeSavesDarfur group's website but at the time I wrote that blog there were some technical difficulties with the site. It is now up and running and you can check it here for a list of this weekend's activities and how you can learn more about the crisis and get involved right here in Utah.

The subject may be dire and the problem may seem impossible but there are some very easy options for how to help, like the dining for Darfur event this Friday. Below is a list of participating restaurants and coffee shops who this Friday the 8th will be donating a portion of their sales to support on the ground humanitarian work being done by the International Rescue Committee in Sudan. Don't forget to let the restaurants know you're coming out to support the Darfuri people with your patronage so that more dining/fundraising can be done in the future.

*The Dodo Restaurant
The Gateway at 152 S. 400 West

*Baxter's Cafe
1615 S. State

*Rusted Sun Pizzeria
2010 S. State

2156 Highland Dr.

*Carlucci's Bakery
314 W. 300 South

*The Sage's Cafe
473 E. 300 south

(Eric S. Peterson)

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