Sunday, August 10, 2008

Local Band Tour Diary: Day 2

We are leaving San Diego finally.
The past few days have been way rad and way sunny. We drove through the night to Joshua Tree after the Tempe, Arizona show and spent the night camped under the stars and siren sounds of coyotes and owls. We slept under the rock formation we dubbed The Pregnant Mother. Shooting stars left and right ripping the atmosphere open.
We got to San Diego Wednesday afternoon, and went to the beach and swim swam swum. We stayed with my old friend Sammi Diego in her cute apt in North Park. She is such a nice human being, good vibes were abound in S.D. Beaches, Art Parties, Girlfriend, Dinner, and the best professional house show ever.
We played last night at this venue/house/recording studio named THE HABITAT. Such good vibes, good people. Garrick's set was the best he's ever played, he was IN IT. It was literally mind bending, beautiful, vibey, droney, perfect. He couldn't have done it better. Hannah, bless her heart, sat at the merch table all the while, we finally started making money.
The vibe was so chill, such good people came out, we played with Drew Andrews of the band The Album Leaf. His set was rad as hell. We went and got burritos and spent alot of time watching David Cross and Tromafilms ... films.
Were hitting the road to Santa Barbara today to go earn some food on a farm on the beach. So wish us luck. Send some positivity our way. I think thats it. I mean there's more, beaches and stalking models and babycake coffee shops to talk about but we're in a rush slightly so i will elaborate later. In one MEGA BLOG.
Thanks guys. Miss you.

-Chaz Prymek, Garrick, Hannah

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