Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things That Make My Day

... Seeing the Diamond parking lot behind the old Zephyr building (300 South and West Temple) only half full. Used to be jam-packed with City Weekly employees' cars until they raised their rates and sent us packing. Now, we have to walk a half a block farther every day to get to work but it does give us a chance to savor the schadenfreude of Diamond's often vacant lot. [Jerre Wroble]

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  1. Diamond Parking - ugh!

    Five years ago, we pulled in to the Diamond lot just east of Broadway Theaters. The sign in the front said "movie parking $x.x", and while we deposited our $2 (or $3?) in the slot, we chatted with the attendant and mentioned what a bargain it was.

    We came back after the movie, and found the sign gone (hidden behind another one). We weren't the only ones who'd fallen for it -- EVERY car in the parking lot had a Diamond "you didn't pay" ticket on them, with a legal threat saying that if we didn't pay $25 to Diamond, our car would be impounded or our credit attached or our cat set afire. About 15 people had gone to the theater, and all came out to find threats on their cars....on a slow Saturday afternoon.

    Obviously, as soon as we left the lot, the attendant ticketed us. Our problem was that we had stopped at the movie whle driving a company car, so we had to fork over their $25 "fine" or face embarrassment on the job.

    Phone calls to Diamond, and to the Salt Lake City consumer people, went unanswered.

    That was the last time we shopped or spent any money in downtown SLC.


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