Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Barack Loves Me Mostest

[Campaign Gimmickry] I don't know why Obama picked me. I may be a brilliant and intuitive reporter, but in most arenas outside my profession I have never, ever been the first to know. Anything.

But the Obama for President campaign tells me that's about to change. Any day now I will be the First. To. Know.

The campaign keeps me and oh I dunno, about 82 million of Barack's other close personal friends, on an e-mail list. The latest in their innovative electronic campaign strategies is to announce that people on the list will be the first to know Obama's running mate, once he decides. We'll get the news via e-mail or text message. All we have to do is sign up.

I feel very special. Particularly since I am not exactly part of the breathless Obama is God faction. Yes, I was a Clinton supporter. But all I want at this point is a Democrat in the White House. And that choice is Obama. I think he'll make a fine president. But I'm not as convinced as others seem to be that the man can perform miracles. He's got years of damage to undo. And we're talking the reality of politics, after all.

Anyway, somehow my sorry self landed on the Obama e-mail list. Last month I got a close, personal letter from Michelle Obama, inviting me to make a "pledge" to the campaign (I suddenly felt like I was listening to Doug Fabrizio, pimping for donations during a KUER fund drive. Except there weren't any coffee mugs or CDs on the premium list.). If I donated by such and such a date, I'd be in the running to meet her husband at the National Democratic Convention in Denver.

I feel so special. (Holly Mullen)

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  1. "Yes, I was a Clinton supporter."

    For god's sake, WHY?


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