Friday, August 22, 2008

Sore Spot

[Legislature] Leaders of Utah’s Senate are balking at suggestions they want to make it harder for citizens to change laws passed by the Legislature. (The subject of a recent snarky City Weekly commentary.

Recent posts on the The Senate Site the “unofficial voice of the Utah Senate majority”
finds the unofficial voce steamed about the idea GOP leaders would ever consider changing the citizens referendum process--even if citizens did use the law to overturn school vouchers last year.

“We're not inclined to change the law. We feel the current balance is about right -- referendums and initiatives are tough, but doable,” writes the voice. “Any push on our part to change the process is news to us.”

Rep. Steve Urquhart, R-St. George, goes further on his own blog, writing the Deseret News, which reported GOP moves afoot to monkey with citizens referendums, “fabricates more news” and “made up a story.”

We’ll put that down as decided then: No changes to Utah’s referendum law. (Unless, of course, someone wants change the referendum law by referendum.) (Ted McDonough)

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  1. Leave it to Utah's GOP to try to keep the people out of the democracy.


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