Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taxes at work (in Sandy)

[theater wars] Sandy doesn't want tax money, just tax money.
After a conversation with Sandy City officials, City Weekly came away with the impression that the theater wars between Sandy and Salt Lake City wouldn’t turn into a repeat of the Real stadium tussle—at least not financially. We reported that Sandy City planned to finance its Broadway-style theater complex entirely with money from the developer and local, Sandy City taxes generated by the project. Sandy wouldn’t be competing with Salt Lake City for county tax money or state subsidies. Silly us.
Yesterday, during a meeting of the Salt Lake County Council, Sandy’s business partner in the theater project confirmed developers wouldn’t be seeking county tax money for the theater—but said they might be asking for county tax help to build for several smaller theaters and an arts school planed for the same complex.
In defense of City Weekly (and Sandy), our story—published one month ago—included a caveat that Sandy was not seeking outside tax help “at this time.” (Ted McDonough)

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