Monday, August 11, 2008

Camping. Who Needs It?

[Outdoor Retailer News] Well, the twice-yearly, three-day extravaganza known as the Outdoor Retailers Show just wrapped up in downtown Salt Lake City. Hundreds of Chaco-sandaled, Patagonia-shirted and deeply suntanned people have left, but will rejoin us in another six months.

According to a press release I just received with a wrap-up of all cool things for the outdoor life, we can anticipate items soon in retail stores that emphasize smart use of gasoline and other resources. Outdoor apparel firm Gramicci, for instance, is pushing a new line of cycling clothing that bike commuters can wear to the office (Hmm. Can't imagine say, Wells Fargo Bank or LDS Church HQ signing on to that notion).

Also, the companies who churn out outdoor and leisure time gear and gizmos are right on top of the --cliche alert!--staycation. According to CGPR, the Massachusetts p.r. firm for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, "the 'staycation' concept has been front and center as consumers look for less expensive outdoor alternatives closer to home. Companies including Coleman and Johnson Outdoors showed a wide variety of tents and outdoor furniture that enables consumers to bring the comforts of home to the outdoors including reading lights, fans, hair dryers and even blenders."

What? No solar-powered vibrators?

Seriously, does anyone, anymore, know how to get away from it all? (Holly Mullen)

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  1. Margaritas when camping? But what about the children?


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