Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Local Band Tour Diary: Day 1

Hey City Weekly Readers,

The Stag Hare and Chaz Prymek tour is off to a pretty mellow, good start. We drove down to Cedar City, UT the first night, just listening to Django Reinhardt and spacing out. The drive was way pretty, until, we ran into a dark brooding cloud of intimidation and security: The Hells Angels. We made it by safe and sound, so don't worry everybody.
We got to Josh Cash's house, where the show was scheduled. It was way nice and mellow, a house full of kids ready to listen and take part in the music. We played with a projector showing the film Robin Hood, the classic cartoon version, projected on a big white wall behind us. So us, the music, the film were one in the same. We tossed our friend "Okay Okay," In the lineup to open. She's coming on tour with us now. The sets were all really nice, Hannah (Okay Okay.) played great, I played pretty well I thought hah, Garrick (Stag Hare) set was a beautiful transcendent ten minutes, so good. Garrick's music is some of my favorite music there is. Hands Down.
We just chilled for a while and played around on the projector, talked to kids, blasted Aphex Twin, and just kicked it. We took off for camping that night and drove till we hit THE VALLEY OF FIRE!!!!! (natl park). Garrick drove till he found some campground. We crashed under the milky way and shooting stars, one after another, in silence, on top of a huge rock formation. Awoke to the sun trying to kill us, and were in awe of our surroundings.
The rocks were bright red and covered in miniature caves and climbing friendly stubs and nubs. What a nice way to wake up. Each of us found our own rocks to zone out, meditate, look at stuff, whatever each of us was doing, our morning ritual I guess. And headed to Tempe.

The hoover dam doesnt deserve to be capitalized.

Tempe is always such a good place, welcoming, beautiful, the nicest people. This place has become like a second home for me. The show was sooo good. Okay Okay, B, Bri White, Hell-Kite, Myself, Stag Hare. We played at this very nice and vibey cafe named 3 Roots Coffee House. Aside from the sound of death that came with the door slamming it was perfect. Every reader needs to listen to those bands that played tonight. Some of my favorite bands and good good friends. Our host was and is the kindest heart. She showed us nothing but hospitality and welcomeness. (apparently welcomeness is a word because word check didn't underline it).
And now, breakfast and swimming, then off to Joshua Tree!
Hope all is well blogger readers. Till next time.
Oh yeah my guitar broke. ... it's fucked up. We'll fix it though.

Sincerly, Chaz Prymek (on behalf of Stag Hare)

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  1. Wow, this sounds crazy goodluck you guys. wish i was there


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