Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The X-clusive Ocho

[Radio] In case you missed it this morning, the X96 Radio From Hell special-edition exclusive super-special Ocho commemorating 5,000 episodes of the show (Warning: Inside Baseball references to follow):

Eight reasons the Radio From Hell show has lasted for 5,000 episodes on X96:

8. X96’s covert “Operation: Gina Kills the Show” plan failed in the ‘90s.

7. Todd Nuke’Em’s only backup replacement is “The Marcy Playground Morning Zoo.”

6. No one’s ever really verified the existence of the “orbital death ray” Kerry threatens the station with every year.

5. X96’s covert “Operation: Richie Kills the Show” plan failed in the ‘00s.

4. The Public Broadcasting System secretly siphons pledge funds to keep Bill on commercial radio.

3. The nightly “Fun Pigs on the Strip” Las Vegas revue is still in negotiations at The Flamingo.

2. The budget has been kept lean for years by suckering local media chumps into coming on the show for free.

1. There’s always something to bitch about, ain’t there?

(Bill Frost)

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  1. #7 Is basically the funniest shit to ever happen. Ever.

    Todd loves him some Marcy Playground. I actually stopped listening to X96 because if I heard one more crooning "disco lemonade" I was going to kill some fools.

    Or run right out and pick up some platform double suede.

    Either way.


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