Friday, August 29, 2008

Romney Out: Day of Mourning In Order

[McCain's Pick] Who cares about this Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin? The Deseret News nailed the real story--with this pithy lede: It's not Mitt.

OK Utah: Let's all cut our wrists together, wail and gnash our teeth. Then we can move on.

(Holly Mullen)


  1. My goodness! Whatever in the world will we do with a bright, savvy, good-looking woman as Vp candidate? She's not a rape-and-pillage business man and she's not Mormon.

    Frankly, I'm relieved Mitt didn't get chosen. I'm sick and tired of the rest of the country looking up our rear ends and seeing the FLD and Mitt Romney's nose poking out.

    Truly, our days spent quoting scripture written by old men and putting women in their place in the Rocky Mountains are over...hopefully.

    I'm still giggling that Bob Bennett was quoted in the Trib this morning saying that he was sure it was going to be Mitt. Tough being out-of-touch with your own out-of-touch party.

    And, in the long run (60 days) it's not going to matter.

  2. All I can say is thank god it's not Mitt. I don't think I could endure an already too long election season by having constant updates about Mitt invading my daily life. That would be about 10x worse than hearing about what stupid ass David Archuleta ate for lunch or some god forsaken inane topic. Plus without Mitt as VP, some Utahns might think twice about what candidate they vote for. At least I can hope they would.

  3. Savvy move by McCain to pick up the disaffected Hillary voters who probably won't care that she's anti-choice, or care enoughI that she's anti-choice . . .

  4. I like hillary and obamaAugust 29, 2008 at 1:51 PM

    Anon 12:47:

    I completely disagree with you and any other pro-McCain cynic who thinks simply because he picked some random human being with a vagina she will stand in nicely for Hillary Clinton.

    It's an insult to female voters of any party or persuasion. Sexist, stupid and inflammatory.

    If you watched any of the DNC over the past week, you should have seen a party that finished up its business in unity. No doubt a few bitter whack jobs will vote for McCain or stay home, but I believe that's such a minority as to not even register a blip on the vote tally.

    Give women a little credit, would you?

  5. So, Obama, who criticizes McCain for being part of the failed establishment in Washington . . . and Obama, whose call for change resonates so with the nation . . . chooses Joe Biden, consumate career politician.
    McCain, who emphasizes his experience and foreign relations credentials, chooses a running mate with two years as a governor, some time as a smalltown mayor and a photo spread in Vogue?
    What the #$%^!


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