Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Local Band Tour Diary: Day 3

[Chaz Prymek Tour] The show at the Habitat was amazing. The vibe there was so mellow and beautiful. Candles burning, minimal light, perfect sound, good people. I still can't get over it. So big ups to s.d.

The drive from San Diego to Santa Barbara is so rad, but as rad as it may be, its like a time warp. It took us twice maybe three times as long as we though. WTF right?! BUT! If you do find yourself on the ONE in Huntington Beach, stop at this place named THE SECRET SPOT its behind some gas station by some skate shop in a really ritzy part of town. Best food every. Well, maybe not ever but pretty damned close. Garrick and I were tripping out on his sandwich and my veggie burrito. As we headed further and further up the coast we turned into Cheech & Chong. The drive was beautiful though, I can't announce (express, exhaust, I don't know what word I'm looking for) that enough.

We got to Topanga Canyon before night fall and decided we needed to get some good vibes from it, after all, Devendra made his album up there, so did Uncle Kyle. So we drove up it for a while and breathed it in DEEP. We then spent until night fall trying to find the house that Incubus recorded the Morning View album in. Little known fact, the street their house was on just so happens to be named Morning View, hence the album name, we drove by the house, I was and still am a bit overwhelmed. As much as it's unhip or what have you, Incubus rocks, we all know it, we can deny it as much as we want, but we all have that album and we all know most the words. Michael Einzinger is my hero.

We FINALLY made it up to the farm we were going to be working and kicking it on a bit after night fall. The scenery was epic, we met my old friend Pete, who on my last tour I dragged along with me from Tempe, AZ, the long way to San Diego. We crashed under a little tree fort on a pete-built deck that he usually keeps his tent on, under the stars and looming the sea.

We woke up and went to work to earn our keep and stay. Then we had ourselves a beach day, climbing through tunnels to get to privately owned, mostly remote spots on the beach, we shared salad, two buck chuck, avocadoes, swim, swam, swum, got burnt to a crisp, and put a map in a bottle and sent it out as far as we could. Our new singer, farmer friend Shae was a huge part in all of this. I highly recommend to any touring band, days off. Farm work. Plan your tours more aesthetically, it's nicer this way.

The Drive from Santa Barbara to Big Sur is twice as gorgeous as anything I could compare it to.

More to come.
p.s. I fixed my guitar
p.p.s. we don’t know how to upload photos yet.

(Chaz Prymek, Garrick, Hannah)

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