Monday, August 4, 2008

Bombs Away

[Media Euphemisms] So, 11-year-old Bridger Hunt is struggling after major surgery last week for injuries he suffered after a 46-year-old moron set off a pipe bomb in a driveway. Bridger was hit by flying shrapnel. Surgeons likened his massive injuries to those of an IED explosion in Iraq.

But for some reason, Salt Lake mainstream media keeps referring to this bomb as a "firework."

The pyromaniac who set off the thing is deeply sorry. He says he only meant to make a firework. Except he didn't. He made a bomb. (Holly Mullen)


  1. Well, look at the rest of her article. It's confusing as hell! Somehow, the explosion ripping this boy in half also administered tranquilizers shortly afterward?


    Back to Journalism 101

  2. The use of "firework" has been a burr under my saddle blanket too. KSL seems to have finally seen the light and has called it an "explosive device" and, wonder of wonders a pipe bomb.

  3. Ah, come on, Holly.
    Fireworks-pipe bombs-suitcase nukes, whatever, don't maim people.
    People do.
    I suppose next you'll want restrictions on fully automatic assault rifles and landmines, for crying out loud.
    Liberal scum, you.


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