Friday, August 8, 2008

New Voodoo

[Burlesque Action] Local dance troupe Voodoo Darlings Burlesque (the ladies who aren't on America's Got Talent) have apparently outgrown The Woodshed; tonight marks their final show at the lime-green venue before moving onto bigger rooms--and they'll be performing their "Crazy Eights" set (8/8/08, natch) on the patio, to boot. Best hope it doesn't rain ... or better yet, hope it does.

Tonight will also feature the Voodoo Darlings debut of a new dancer, someone we previously believed couldn't get any more exposure: Deena Marie Evanoff (above), she of the hysterical YouTube videos, Best of Utah '08 award and mad local press galore. If she doesn't have her own PR department, look the hell out if she ever hires one.

Showtime's "Midnight, under the moon," tonight at The Woodshed, 60 E. 800 South. Check out Deena Marie before she becomes governor or something ... (Bill Frost)


  1. I agree...that Deena Marie is something rare. She's gonna be in the headlines for years to come. Not because she's tried Lindsay Lohans latest diet, but to show her success and integrity as an actress! GOOO DEENA! *shouting while waving pink pom poms*


  2. How can you NOT look at her? Wow, what a hot woman, on so many levels.

  3. I so totally love Deena Marie. She's so clear on who she is and where she's going. And beautiful, too.

    I hope she gets everything she wants.


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