Friday, August 22, 2008

Earthquake Benefit Concert

[Charity] The University of Utah's School of Music and the Utah Symphony are teaming up to put together a unique blend of Eastern and Western traditions in a concert to help benefit victims of the devastating Sichuan earthquake in China.

The concert to be held tomorrow, Saturday August 30 at the Libby Gardner Hall, School of Music from 7:30 -9 pm will help out the Sichuan University's relief fund. The Sichuan university is a sister school with the U through its Confucius Institute and could use the all the help it can get.

The night's performance will vary from Chinese traditional music to Western classic's like "Butterfly Lovers," Mozart's Sonata in D Major. Tickets are only $10 and will go towards a relief fund for the earthquake victims. So go get some culture and do it for a good cause! (Eric S. Peterson)

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