Monday, May 12, 2008

Dick Nourse, Graybeard

[Old Anchorman Watch] Oh, and another thing from the State Democratic Convention this past weekend:

The Dems have picked another one of these to run in the 3rd Congressional District. The candidate, Bennion Spencer, got retired KSL anchorman Dick Nourse to nominate him. The speech came via video, with Nourse citing a family emergency for preventing his appearance. Nourse now sports a gray beard and hair that daringly brushes his collar (dress code no-nos in his working days, no doubt). That's bearded Dick above, emceeing some fine and shiny event at the state Capitol recently.

Nourse sounded positively liberal in his endorsement of college professor Spencer, citing the sucking economy, huge federal deficit and other top traits of the Bush administration as reasons for electing a Democrat to the 3rd District.

Dick managed to get off a few quips in the process, including: "All we really know of national security is that at airports we have to take off our shoes and throw away our toothpaste."

(Holly Mullen)


  1. This just proves the liberal media bias, doesn't it? First Phil Riesen, then Dick Norse. Who's next, Terry Wood and Rod Decker?

    Why is it that those that pay attention and are most familiar with current events are liberals?

    P.S. I couldn't remember Rod Decker's name, so I googled "investigative reporter utah" and it came up with Bill Gephardt. Is this the best we've got? Where's Stephen Dark, Ted McDonough, and Eric Peterson?

  2. That's funny about Gephardt. He comes up as "investigative reporter" because he probably bills himself that way. In this newsroom, we're all investigative reporters. In fact, isn't calling a reporter "investigative" a little redundant? Investigation applies to all decent news writing--without it, you don't have a story!

  3. Sure, if you count *decent* news reporting. But have you watched the local news lately? There are some "reporters" on Fox that couldn't investigate their way out of a hole in the ground.

    Although I have to say, their piece on David Archuletta's Dad was pretty hard hitting journalism.


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