Friday, May 23, 2008

He's Still In Office, Folks

With all the high drama surrounding the battle of the Dems, it's easy to forget that Idiot Bush still occupies the White House. He's been plenty busy, too, zipping around the world, refusing to back troop withdrawal, getting dissed by Congress on attempts to veto the GI bill ... basically being a weasal. Oh, and he's coming to Utah to nosh with Mitt Romney at the Massachusset's Gov.'s private Park City abode. It's the perfect opportunity to tell him what for:

On Wednesday, May 28, former SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson's new project High Road for Human Rights will hold a Peace & Human Rights Rally, "a gathering of active citizens saying 'No More' to disastrous war, deceit, domestic spying ... and crimes against humanity." Guest speakers will include Danny Ellsberg, legendary voice of conscience who disclosed the lies that led to the Vietnam War, and Kathy Snyder, mother of a serviceman who was killed in Iraq.

Troy Williams will emcee and Rich Wyman will play some tunes. Rally starts at 5:30 p.m. at the City & County Building, 451 S. State.

Bush ain't out of here yet--let's show him the door.

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. Bush isn't the only one who opposes the GI Bill - so does EVERY f-ing member of the house and senate from Utah.

    I thought for all their rhetoric about supporting our troops, we actually see some token gesture of SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS!

  2. What will the loser brigade have to live for when Bush leaves office?

    getting the shakes yet?

  3. We'll actually enjoy our lives again, moveon (please). And you?

  4. Same here.

    Looking forward to a McCain administration.

  5. "Bush ain't out of here yet--let's show him the door!"

    what you'll be showing
    is your asses.

    never stopped Rocko before, tho.

    ee oow !

  6. Anybody want to bet that things remain the same after this bozo leaves office, no matter who takes his place?

    With one hand up Hillary's blouse, one down Obama's pants and one around McCains throat, you're voting Big Corporate no matter which candidate you choose. Big oil, big business, big pharm, big bank, etc. - it's all there, running things as usual.

    Potential candidates that reflected real change were swept away months ago - what we're left with is just another money puppet.

  7. Who will Rocky stalk when Bush leaves office?

  8. Just wondering ("Who will Rocky stalk when Bush leaves office?"): your mom.

    But seriously, who cares? Forget Rocky. Where's the outrage that none of our elected DC representatives voted to support our troops?

    They still put on a dog and pony show for Memorial day, but didn't do the one thing that would have really made a difference most immediately.

  9. Actually the bill you reference is not good for the military. The incentives will encourage folks to leave after three years. The funds would be better spent on a more cleverly designed program that would actually benefit the services. actually.

  10. Amen to what you said, Hayduke. Spot on.

    "Take the two old parties mister; no difference in them I can see..."

  11. @Sarge: So the question is simple then, isn't it? Who do you care more about, the military or the soldiers?

  12. You guys may want to sit down,
    I don't know how to break it to you but the military isn't a welfare agency.

  13. Correct, it isn't a welfare agency. But knowing that I won't be taken care of for potentially risking my life for my country would certainly keep me away from the military. I have a hunch it would keep a lot of other people away as well.

    If I were voting on this new GI bill and I thought there was a "business" case against passing it, I'd have to come to terms with my lack of morals when I cast that "no" vote.


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