Monday, May 12, 2008

Kurt Bestor: Kingmaker!

[2008 Campaign] What else was there to do on a beautiful sunny Saturday this past weekend than to hole ourselves up in the Salt Palace at the State Democratic Convention?

It was certainly high on my list, I'll tell you. Seriously though, I attended as a devoted helpmate to my significant other. He gave a nomination speech for Demo gubernatorial candidate Bob Springmeyer (whom I respect for his masochistic streak in even thinking of taking on uber-Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr.). Killing time between scintillating speeches, I wandered around the display tables, where devoted organizations for everyone from 2nd District Congressman Jim Matheson to the Piute County Dog Catcher (kidding) were handing out badges, bags, key fobs, mouse pads, lip balms, sunglasses retainer straps--basically, anything they could print their candidate's campaign logo on.

By far though, the best swag came from musician/composer/hearthrob of Mormon MILFs everywhere Kurt Bestor. Bestor, who successfully ran for national delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, gave out a CD titled Innovators, which included his big hit "Prayer of the Children."

He packaged the disc with a label that read "In Tune with Utah!" and "Obama National Delegate." Bestor was an early supporter of Barak Obama for president, and has been building an interest in politics for years. I saw him at a fundraiser for a local animal rescue a couple of months ago and he was already plotting his strategy to run for national delegate.

I have no doubt the free CD put him over the top. Denver or bust, Kurt. You go!

(Holly Mullen)

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  1. Had I know that the illustrious editor of the CW was to wax eloquent over my first foray into local politics, I may have done it earlier. Thanks for noticing Holly!


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