Friday, May 30, 2008

The Imaginary Mitt-McCain Ticket

[Politics] If you checked out the dailies today you will have noticed how they both ran the same Boston Globe story about excited murmurings of Romney filling the VP spot for John McCain in the coming election. Sources in the story spoke of how Mitt's greatest contribution would be as "the rainmaker" or the guy who turns on the money faucet for McCain and the republican party.

Considering that Romney is already sitting on $46 million that he loaned his campaign, and that he once pulled off the feat of raising $6.5 million in one day, supporters are touting the Mitt-McCain duo as a very profitable dream ticket for '08.

And in a way it is a dream in keep dreaming all you Mormon millionaires who paid $70,000 to use Mitt's Deer Valley toilet and get your picture taken high-fiving dubya. The truth is that Romney does rake in the cash, and that's why he was at the fundraiser and not McCain, what's also true is that the short con the GOP is playing on Utah's aristocrats is in teasing them to think that if they drop fat cash on the campaign that somehow their investment will buy Mitt a spot on the ticket.

Of course Romney is well aware that by taking one for the team and making that good Mormon money rain on McCain now, he will be all the more poised for his next run at the White House. In the meantime, Romney will have to play ball and continue to tease the cash out of his Utah backers, who will continue to drop sizable donations in a sad attempt at buying the ear of the man who would be veep (but not really).

And why not? Because the republicans need to clinch the south, especially with Obama standing to galvanize massive black voter turnout in the southern states McCain needs a southerner, not somebody southern evangelicals hate i.e. Mitt.

Oh and in case you Utah millionaires are wondering what the long con is just wait four years until Mitt makes another run at the house again and this whole process starts over again. (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. sour grapes

    it ain't the money anyway- Obama is puking millions,
    it won't matter.

    By November the Dems
    will self destruct as usual.

    It's the old Rove Jedi Mind Trick - simple creatures are very susceptible (ask Kerry Gore) - Obama will crash and burn and McCain will back into the White House >ouch<

  2. It's interesting that some Republicans still seem oblivious to the implosion of their party. It's as though they think they can continue on, business as usual, with their slash-and-burn politics and, somehow, the U.S. Supreme Court or the Florida A.G.'s office or the ineptitude of the DLC will magically save the neocon agenda.

    I'm all for it: Hey, Republicans, just keep doing what you've been doing for years; voters will never see through your web of deception!

    In fact, now is the time for Republicans to be more strident and intolerant in their convictions than ever--because Republican policies have proved so successful and popular that there's no need to change a thing! Go, Republicans!


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