Friday, May 30, 2008

30 Years? That's Probably Long Enough, Doug

[Radio] We received a press release this week from KSL NewsRadio--apparently, morning talker/smarmy gameshow host/Sean Hannity warm-up act Doug Wright has been trying to form an opinion on something for 30 years now! Damn, it only seems like 50.

"His colleagues from around the country agree Doug is the voice of reason, an outlet for information and the place to come to 'talk,'" goes the release, which also cautions, "Although, Sunday, June 1, 2008 will mark 30 years in broadcast for Doug, KSL NewsRadio will host a 'Public Open House Anniversary' live broadcast during The Doug Wright Show at The Gateway fountain on Monday, June 2 from 9 a.m. to Noon. Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. will be on-site at 9 a.m. to declare this day as Doug Wright Day."

You can bathe your kids and watch Doug in "action"? A special day, indeed! (Bill Frost)


  1. Congrats to Doug. Not always in agreement, and not always "troubled" by the things Doug is, he's been a pretty reasonable guy.

  2. There is one word to describe Doug Wright.......Boring!!! His brand of talk is bland and predictable...whatever the LDS church espouses you can count on Doug to agree with completely and bore you while he's telling you.

  3. The guy is amazing. Take for example last Wednesday when he surmised that Rocky's rally during the Bush visit was not going to be well attended because he asked his listeners whether they were planning on attending. When only one person called to say that they might be there, Doug concluded that the rally would be a flop.

    You can't teach that stuff in journalism school. You've got to be born with that sort of insight. Insight which is clear when you hear him reveiw a movie.


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