Friday, May 23, 2008

DMT: The Most Complicated Hallucinogen

[Drugs & Rec] Here's a no-nonsense video from a woman who has found a way of taking dimethyltriptamine (DMT) without first having to go on a pesky weeklong vegan/MAO-inhibitor diet.

It's a simple enough technique, with only a couple drawbacks.

Some people worry that the media glamorizes the drug culture, making drugs seem like a hip, fun thing to do. Well, I don't see them worrying now.

(Brandon Burt) [Via SLOG]


  1. I'll bet DMT isn't the first thing this chic's shoved up her ass. She may look innocent enough, but......anyway, she thinks she's the ultra-trip queen? I suggest that she dissolve a few boxes of marazine in a couple pounds of melted butter and either shove that up her ass or spread it on a few slices of toast to eat - strip her naked, roll her in wet cat food, give her a large butcher's knife, lock her in a dark room with a dozen half starved, feral cats while The Exorcist blasts on continuous play and at top volume. That there's a fucking trip.

  2. gee look at all the fun i'm missing since i decided to get sober


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