Friday, May 16, 2008

Pump Up The Volume

[Music Review/Preview] Man oh man, did Dead Meadow kill last night or what?! I must have looked like a burned-out lunatic closing my eyes and rocking back and forth against the window where I could best feel the vibrations. It helps that the Los Angeles-based stoner/psych-rock trio brought no less than 10 Orange Amplifiers to kick out their heavier-than-hell jams. The ragtag virtuosos played an ear-splitting mix of new material off their latest release Old Growth (Matador) and older jams, including one of the first tracks they ever wrote. They dedicated the latter song to Iota's Oz, their SLC brother in arms who cozied up against the giant Orange stack, banging his head in appreciation. The crowd--which included a lot of super young hippie chicks gyrating in not-always rhythmic motion--rushed the stage before the show and remained there with giant grins and blissed-out expressions til the bitter end. Bitter only because Dead Meadow had to keep on rollin.

All that after two killer sets by Pink Lightnin (who offered to play more all-ages shows if the kids want them) and the Furs, who are tighter than ever. If you're reading this and feel like a road trip, the Furs are hitting the road today and heading to Vegas. Maybe you can tag along.

For those who'd rather stay in the city, this weekend is crazy packed with awesome shows. White Denim and Tapes 'N Tapes play one side of In the Venue while Atmosphere drops new material on the other side. Brilliant booking guys!

Also tonight, Destroyer plays The Urban Lounge and Cavedoll joins Simple Shelter for a multi-media extravaganza at Trapp Door.

Tomorrow, check out Matt Hopper and The Roman Candles, also at Urban with Drew Grow and Dead Horse Point.

And last but not least, motherfucking M.I.A. at The Depot, Sunday!! This show has not sold out ... yet. Get in while the getting is good.

(Jamie Gadette)

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