Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sock Puppets Speak Out!

[The Gays] Apparently, some people are a bit miffed about the California Supreme Court's momentous decision overturning the state's ban on gay marriage. Comments on other message boards have run the gamut from the predictable to the weird:
  • Oh, those judicial activists! There they go again!
  • Those crazy West Coasters need more legislators like Chris Buttars.
  • California isn't the largest state, at least not in square miles.
The LDS Church lost no time in chiming in, saying the way the U.S. legal system works is "unfortunate."

My blog entry even generated a couple comments like this somewhat mean-spirited one from (natch) "anonymous.":
No Problem

Plenty more where that came from, it's no sacrifice at all, we won once and expect to do so again.

Not interested in marriage for time and eternity?

How bout a 10 month long California hitch.

(Wouldn't waste my time changing the monogram on the towels, tho)
And this one, from somebody who could at least be bothered to make up a name (if not a URL or e-mail address):
I agree, anonymous. This court will get either be overturned, or the Constitution will be amended in November. Supporters already have the signatures to get the issue on the ballot.

It's nice to know that mocking the fact that I give 10 percent of my income to my church is totally not below the dignity of City Weekly to mock. It's also nice to know that for all your arrogant preening and elitism, your paper is still supported by escort services and 1-900 numbers.

Carry on.
Well, Jeff James, I'm not the one with the holier-than-thou moral objection to 1-900 numbers and escort services. You are. So what are you doing reading such a pornographic publication?

And, why should I not object to the fact that you donate 10 percent of your income to fund a permanent war against my family and people like me? Are you offended that I do not respect the "sacred" nature of your blood money?

If you were donating 10 percent of your income to do something Christlike--like, for instance, helping the poor--then I might be impressed. But until that day comes, you can dismount from your high horse and stop pretending that your church meddles in out-of-state political matters for any other reason than the fact that it's run by homophobic old men.

While most members of the LDS Church are wonderful and loving people, it only takes a few like you, Jeff James and "anonymous," to perpetuate the myth that the church is filled with intolerant bigots who are willing to go far out of their way to make sure others can't get a fair break.

(Brandon Burt)


  1. I'd like, just once, to see one of these troglodites have the courage of conviction enough to provide a URL or trackable ID of some kind with their outlandish comments.

    They never do though.

    No spines.

  2. .

    Why the long faces and pity party?
    You girls are awfully peevish and sensitive when you should be celebrating your glorious victory.
    Especially since you'll only have a couple of months to bask it that warm glow.

    Sorry if the truth seems so mean spirited; but it's like Harry Truman said: I just tell them the truth and they think it's hell!

    But it is precious to see your concern for how LDS tithing is used. I'm SURE they appreciate those suggestions, keep'um coming, folks!

    Actually LDS concern for California affairs isn't an "out-of-state" issue; there are hundreds of thousands of California LDS who have a responsibility and right to lobby for good policy in their state.

    This is actually nice timing for the forces of Truth and Light, nothing stirs up the troops like a couple of judges overturning millions of voters, and there is an election and state constitution amendment referendum to win this November. So open your hearts and wallets, and win one more for the Gipper!

    Again, however, accept an appology for dampening the mood. Clean off that streaking mascara and get out there and party like it's 1999!

  3. hhmmmphh, another anon.

    Go figure.

    I say Send Them Buttars, it wouldn't take long for someone to break their foot off in his arse and LEAVE IT THERE to rot.

    Just sayin.

    Oh, and anon, thanks for shoving your high-minded ideals down the throats of us all, when in fact it makes no difference to you or how you live your life, either here or in the celestial kingdom.


  4. 1999? Streaking mascara? Where'd you get your stereotypes? 1970s sitcoms?

    You're old and no one likes you.

  5. No apologies necessary, "anonymous." There's nothin' I love more than ripping some sanctimonious fuckhead a new asshole! I say bring it on.

    In case you haven't heard, the rules have changed. And, there's something about this new gameplan you people don't know.

    So, yeah, all you bitter homophobes keep playing like it's 2001. My husband and I will wave to you from the City & County Building. Cheers, darling.

    (Brandon Burt)

  6. So now I'm an intolerant bigot? Seriously, Brandon. You are the one tossing around phrases like "you people" and "sanctimonious fuckhead". You're tossing around a lot of anger at people here. It's counterproductive to your cause.

    What you are saying to me is part of the reason gay activists struggle: Calling a perfectly kind, reasonable person like me an intolerant bigot alienates many from your cause. I know passions are pretty strong here, but understand: My family thinks me a total moron for even having this sort of online conversation, mostly because they see the kind of retribution I get for posting my views. They think it's silly to even try to have a conversation when inevitably some flaming (as in casting hateful venom, not the derogatory term for flamboyant gays) poster accuses me of being a "sancimonious fuckhead" or some other curiosly amusing name.

    And yeah, I look down on escort services and 1-900 #s. I'm not lobbying for their abolishment, but they prey upon the vulnerable and the repressed.

    Drop the hate. Have a conversation about the issues. You'll only impress those in the echo-chamber with you by spewing angry epithets at the opposing side. And that's advice that's good for both sides in this debate.

  7. Brandon, Brandon, Brandon.

    The only bitterness we see is that foamy stuff drooling down your chin.

    You need to relax; besides, you've got it all wrong.

    All the gentle people are on our side. (I'm braiding flowers in my hair even as we speak)

    ps- your profanity and expletive count was way down in that last post. You're not getting discouraged, are you? Losing heart?

  8. JeffJames....
    You say that 900 numbers prey on the repressed and vulnerable?
    Like the LDS church having thousands of missionaries trying to gather more sheep for the herd?
    With you being LDS I don't think you have any right saying who preys on the vulnerable.

  9. Interesting logic. So, do 1-900 numbers offer living assistance, job training, opportunities to serve in the community (think boy scouts, welfare square, etc..,), and a community of people interested in your personal welfare?

    I love the anti-religious arguments. It's like many have said before, "You can leave religion, but you can't leave religion alone."

  10. Why would 900 numbers offer that?
    Why would they have to? Pay money to get off. You don't pay money to go to heaven. Or become god on some other planet. It's cut and dry. Unlike tithing.
    Don't lie and say the LDS church is concerned about others welfare. They are concerned about how many sheep they can get. That's all.
    More sheep, more tithing, more money, more power. Growing up in Utah I see the corruption. I've been around mormons who "care about others welfare" If that was the case I wouldn't have been outted in school for not being LDS and all my friends parents would have liked me for me instead of not liking me because of my religion. I was a good girl growing up, and tried to keep their kids out of trouble. Instead, any trouble their kid got in, was my fault. Didn't even matter if I was there. I was the bad influence. I'm not anti-religion, I'm anti-mormon. Get it right.
    Like they always say "ignorance is bliss"

  11. Sorry you got a raw deal, Anon. Go see a therapist.
    I guess if you need those 1-900 numbers, and I need religion, we can agree to disagre.

    And no, I won't tell you what I'm wearing...


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