Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's Next: RoPa? WeJo? WTF?

I'm as proud of this town as any died-in-the-wool Salt Laker, but I'm sorry: for better or worse we are not the kind of place that can affix various burgs with funky nicknames like NoHo or SoHo. That's just me, of course. Folks over at Elite Model Management must know something I don't. We recently received invites to the agency's grand opening in South Salt Lake, or as Elite dubs it, SoSaLa.

Good news for all the pretty people, I suppose. Padding your resume with tenure in SoSaLa is sure to get you places, right? SoSaLa is, after all, home to the world's first KFC. Ya hear that Tyra?!

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. Nah. We can do better at making our own horrid slogans for areas. For example...

    West Valley: The W-V-C.
    Sandy: Sandilicious.
    Rose Park: The Parka!
    Riverton: Da River!
    Sugarhouse: Candyland.
    Holladay: Holla!
    Murray: Blurry.
    Taylorsville: The T.
    Cottonwood: The Gin!
    South Jordan: Beetlejuice.
    Herriman: The Edge.
    Draper: Drapery.
    Midvale: Skidvale.
    Magna: ...Magna.

  2. Hmm. I now have a strange urge to move to Cottonwood

  3. I live in LoFo...lower Foothill. Also sometimes called NoSug (North Sugar House)

  4. K-Town!!! All the Way! Or in other words, Kearns. See we've been doing it for years. Just better than that SoSaLa crap...


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