Friday, May 23, 2008

Buzz Kill

[Crimewatch] Yeah, those yellowjackets distributing Media One's Trib-lite "commuter daily" the Buzz are still annoying, albeit a little less so since management forced them to use their indoor voices and stop dumping their papers on car windshields.

But my heart goes out to the girl posted on our cruel section of Main Street near the Gallivan TRAX station. The yellowjackets are issued handtrucks for carting their bundles around and, yesterday, some downtown ne'er-do-well swiped hers. (The thief was thoughtful enough to leave the stack of papers behind, though, which meant no knocking off early for her.)

Today, when I saw an unfamiliar yellowjacket in the area, I feared the worst--could some heartless suit at Media One have sacked her? It's not like it was her fault.

Well, those fears were not borne out; she's back on main street hawking her issues--sans handtruck. I wonder when they'll get around to issuing her a new one?

Most interestingly, what in the world could somebody have wanted with one to begin with? Did somebody have stacks of papers laying around that they wanted to move? If you're the culprit, let us know (even anonymously). I'm curious.
(Brandon Burt)


  1. It beats a shopping cart.

  2. I needed the handcart to transport all those copies of City Weekly I stole from Taylorsville last week. I didn't realize how they'd stack up.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for looking out for me in regards to my stolen cart. I was curious what someone would want with the cart as well, but many of the hawkers have had them stolen.

    Don't worry I'll keep buzzing around, and making myself known. :) I can't really speak for all of the "yellowjackets", but I try to be a little "annoying", yet respectful, as we have a quota that we need to meet each day.

    Jennifer (Buzz Lady)


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