Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Derek Fisher Folly

[NBA Playoffs] Almost one year has passed since Derek Fisher dumped the Utah Jazz in favor of returning to his old job with the L. A. Lakers. It's done. It's history. So I guess I should just get over my animosity.

But I'm one of those typical parochial Utah fans who's nursing a grudge. And dammit, I can't get over it.

Like most trusting Jazz fans, I truly believed Fisher last year when he told team owner Larry Miller he had to return to Los Angeles to find the best medical care for his baby girl Tatum, who is fighting a rare form of eye cancer. We all remember the high drama of Fisher's return from a medical trip with his family to New York last year. He rolled into Energy Solutions Arena at mid-game in the playoff series with Golden State. Roars of approval, applause and tear-filled eyes all around. Huge hero status for Fisher.

Then he ran.

But when the Jazz come home Friday night for game three, and with two losses in this agonizing-to-watch series, I'm expecting ear-shattering boos for Fisher. In hindsight, his decision to leave the Jazz looks um, fishier than ever. We have world-class cancer research and eye care facilities at the University of Utah. And even if he could find better options for his daughter in L.A., it's what--a 90-minute plane trip? It's not like most NBA players have to live in the city they play for anyway, and many don't. He could have lived in L.A. and played for Utah, still.

Last night, TNT commentators were going on about Fisher taking great pleasure in revealing all of the Jazz's plays to Laker coaches. That made me even more bitter. But I guess when Kobe Bryant calls you, urges you to come back and pick up where you left off, it's tough to say no.

Too bad. I really, really liked Derek Fisher at one time. Trusted the guy, too. All I can say is he'd better wear ear plugs tomorrow night when he takes to the ESA floor. (Holly Mullen)


  1. I suspect that Fishers paycheck, coupled with the fact that the Lakers are doing well, will suffice as an efficient buffer to boo's from the jilted crowd.

    I'm no sports fan, so I don't pretend to understand - I'm just guessing here.

  2. Actually, the Jazz are better off without him.

    Had he not left, we would have kept starting him at shooting guard, where he gives up 6-7 inches on most other 2's in the NBA. Instead, we gave Ronnie Brewer a chance to shine. He'll be an asset to us long after Fish retires.

    Also, we probably would have kept believing that Giraceck was better than he is. This year, without fisher to rely on, we saw just how worthless Gira was, and sent him packing in exchange for the eye-candy named Kyle, who can outshoot most of the league.

    So, I for one won't be booing Fish when he comes back. As hayduke said, it will probably hurt us morethan it hurts him, anyway.

  3. Wait, the Jazz have plays? I haven't seen any evidence of that yet.

  4. Good thoughts, Bob. Utah DID get Korver and Brewer out of this Fisher bother. And I love watching both of them. We'll see better performance from everyone tomorrow, I'm sure.

    See? I'm not so sour...

  5. Great much as I sympathize with his kid's situation, it turned my stomach to hear the commentators talking about Fisher NARC-ing on us to Zen Master. Glad we got back on the wagon last night.

    Anyway, I blogged about my hatred of all things LA earlier this week. You might find it amusing:


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