Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mo-Movie Mania ... by Mail!

[Film] You know the problem with Netflix? Not enough copies of The Home Teachers.

At least that would seem to be the rationale for the announcement that a Tennessee-based outfit called LDS Movie Rentals has launched, providing direct-mailed DVDs to subscribers just like Netflix, only with a focus on LDS-themed feature films and instructional videos. "In the last several years, the LDS film industry has grown," says company co-founder John Frech according to a press release. "Unfortunately, most of the videos are not shown in national theaters or sold in Wal-Mart. This creates a disconnect with film producers and Mormon movie goers."

True enough, perhaps, but here's the problem: The company is charging $14.95 a month for "unlimited monthly rentals" with one title at home at a time, $22.95 with two titles at home at a time. And the catalog currently includes a whopping -- ready for it? -- 175 titles, including several General Conferences. That's a business model depending on a whole lot of repeat viewership. Or, even more frighteningly, even more Singles Ward sequels. (Scott Renshaw)

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  1. We wanted to support this. We signed up. But service seems pretty slow. The turn around time seems to be a couple weeks to several weeks.

    We may cancel our subscription and just by the DVDs. At $14.95 we could buy a DVD every month or two.


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