Monday, May 12, 2008

Hell o' Larry

Know why the Utah Jazz are destined to lose in the playoffs? It's because their owner prays to the wrong God.

In a travelogue appearing on, writer Gene Wojciechowski chronicles a road trip with Jazz owner Larry H. Miller on Sunday afternoon. Miller has notably chosen not to attend Sunday Jazz games in years past -- and did so again -- due to his own interpretation of how to keep the Sabbath.

It's not a particularly earth-shaking profile to those who already "know this guy," but it's fascinating indeed to read the comments generated by the piece. For some reason, readers decided to turn into divinity students, parsing the definition of the Sabbath and the proper observance thereof. How refreshing to see sports fans stepping away from "The Sports Team from My Area Will Defeat the Sports Team from Your Area" posturing and graduate to "The God from My Area Will Defeat the God from Your Area." (Scott Renshaw)

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  1. God is wearing a D-Willy jersey and drinking a pint of Full Suspension right now.


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