Monday, May 12, 2008

The "Other KRCL" is Live

[Radio] Almost a month ago, City Weekly reported about, an online radio station run by former KRCL 90.9 volunteers not thrilled with that station's new daytime direction (more on that in a moment). As of this morning, Utah Free Media is live and, well, strictly online--the number of people who listen to radio online grows every day, but it's still wee niche.

Right now, former KRCL show Melodius is on, to be followed at noon by something called The Come Monday Show With Brooke, "A comedy rock news talk show." OK, I'm intrigued. UtahFM is also hosting an open house at its Dakota Lofts (400 W. 200 South) basement studio this morning until 1 p.m.

Back on terrestrial KRCL, the new daytime lineup is finding a groove after a sleepy launch one week ago--the pace has picked up at least a little, and DJs Dave Perschon and Ebay Jamil Hamilton sound less tentative (but does it have to be sooo damn mellow all morning?). In the afternoons, Bad Brad Wheeler improved greatly between Monday and Friday, even if it still sounds like his previous KRCL blues/garage show with the occasional mandated playlist tune from upstairs. And the new daytime focus on local artists is the coolest development in SLC radio in years--that alone nearly wipes out all nagging complaints.

Drama aside, what you now have is two local stations playing quality music instead of just one. Not everyone is going to agree on that music (seriously, give me at least a couple of songs with an electric guitar and/or real snare drum in the morning), but it beats the hell out everything else on the dial. Let the bitching continue ... (Bill Frost)

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