Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wooden Indian Burial Ground

[Music] Last night's show by Wooden Indian Burial Ground made for one of the most haunting, disturbing and overall pleasant shows I been to in a while. The duo rocked Burt's Tiki Lounge last night, employing banjos, marimbas and tambourines, in a show that in another time and place could have been mistaken for some backwoods medicine show/revival. The lead vocals, Justin sat with a banjo propped on his knee and a tambourine lashed to his foot that he would stomp furiously, wailing a hoarse howl as cohort Judy slowly rocked back and forth pounding her bass drum.

The duo seemed so enmeshed in their own music it was like they were hypnotized. It was one of those great performance where its not that the band doesn't know there's an audience in front of them, but you almost get the impression that if no one would have showed up they would still have played the same tense and simultaneously slow and pulsing set to a dark and empty bar. It wasn't until halfway through someone in the crowd barked out: "Who are you guys?!" To which Justin, shook from his reverie announced: "Oh we're Wooden Indian Burial Ground, oh and we got some stuff over there for sale if you want," then lowered his eyes to the ground and began playing again.

All and all a fantastic show, I must admit as it was the first I'd heard of them, a lot of lyrics just washed over me, but when they closed with a cover of Rolling Stones "Dead Flowers" I was quite happy to see them render it with more rock and roll than the stones did and with an as equal of a helping of soul and angst as the Townes Van Zandt version. (Eric S. Peterson)

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