Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kobe Beef

[MVP Innuendo] I'll admit, in all sincerity, I do like the sports reporting of the D-News' Tim Buckley, earlier this week he put together a nice retrospective on Derek Fisher's journey from the Jazz to the Lakers and his struggle to take care of his family that was truly poignant.

But I must also admit, in all snarkiness, that I was a little thrown off by his wording in his recap of last night's Jazz loss to the Lakers and especially to newly crowned MVP Kobe Bryant:

"But the intimidating Lakers presence trumped all that Wednesday night, allowing Bryant--personal hardware in hand--to boast that..."

He's talking about the trophy right? Oh that Bryant, the guy is just too cocky for his own good, I tell you what...(Eric S. Peterson)

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  1. I'm pretty sure Mrs. Bryant doesn't let Kobe take his personal hardware anywhere now. She keeps it safely in her purse.

    And one of the announcers last night gushed about how Kobe was unstoppable. I thought sending a hotel clerk to his room took a little wind out of his sails.

    Anyone know where the Lakers are staying? We need a W badly.


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