Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Boy Bands Poised for Comeback? WTF?

[Horrible Music] Not that anyone looks to the Salt Lake Tribune for musical insight anymore, but wasting a full Sunday section front on a new boy band (!) featuring one guy from Utah (who appears somewhere in the hallway during High School Musicals 1 & 2) is the epitome of "We really just don't give a fuck anymore."

Instead giving up some space for the, oh, hundreds of talented local musicians who are actually writing songs, recording CDs and touring on their own, the Trib gives us V Factory, a Web-manufactured karaoke dance troupe who've somehow conned Warner Bros. Records into believing this shit is a viable product (active word: product) in 2008. American Idol has dumbed-down the charts, but not this far.

Warner Bros. sent City Weekly a 5-song CD sampler being used to promote V Factory's "Bandemonium Tour" (where they're opening for, no kidding, Menudo--hits poor Provo tomorrow). It's awful, dated club crapola might be slightly tolerable with "fresh dance moves" to accompany it. But, then again, this video proves otherwise ...

Besides, everyone knows that the last (hell, only) great boy band with Utah ties was Sons of Provo ...

(Bill Frost)


  1. Thanks for the clip. I'd like for somebody to kick their collective asses. I can't do it - I'm non-violent.

    No offence to women, because I respect women, but do you think that V stands for Vagina? Afterall, they do look like a bunch of pussies prancing around like that.

  2. So... Which one is the gay one? Nothing more HOTT than 5 white boys (ok maybe a few are a watered down version of something) singing, "She Bad" ft. E-40. Word.

  3. Someone is so jealous!!! They are a very talented group! You left out all the important things that Jared has done, just so that your story can sound better. Whatever!

  4. I know that I am very jealous, anonymous. There's nothing in the world that I would rather be than a fruity, dingy, prancing, talentless, pre-formed character doll in an all-new Boy Band.


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