Friday, October 3, 2008

RadioActive Tonight: Veep Debate Redundancy

[Radio] City Weekly's Bill Frost (apparently representing urban liberals who love drive-thru abortions and free-trade weed at the Farmers Market) and other panelists (possibly including experts like a gun-totin' Republican hockey mom and a bar bouncer) will review last night's Vice Presidential Debate between Lurch (D) and Peggy Hill (R) on KRCL 90.9's RadioActive tonight, 6-7 pm. Likely to be not as boring as the actual debate, you betcha ... (Bill Frost)


  1. Sorry Bill, but I can't do that train wreak called KRCL. I've tried many times to find something to listen to. I've checked all times of the day, nothing.

    I have deleted the pre-set on my radio. Same for KCPW, such a shame, a damn shame.

  2. I liked the bar bouncer--he was both funny and surprisingly earnest--but what the show really needed was a lot more Bill action.

  3. Apparently, I've really been in the wrong rows at the Farmer's Market.


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