Monday, October 27, 2008

And speaking of Salt Lake Film Center ...

[Naomi Wolf] ... the center's star-studded Raucous Caucus over the weekend was one of those events you walk away from feeling rather purposeful, thinking, "Wow, what did Salt Lake City do to deserve this?" After all, we're just a little blue pimple on a pretty great red-ass state. So how'd we get the likes of Phil Donahue, Michael Kirk and Naomi Wolf to appear less than two weeks before Election Day, showing their films, reading from their books, and sitting down to talk about how to fix our nation's ills? Wasn't there some battleground state who needed them more? Oh well, sometimes, I guess, Utahns just rate.

On Sunday, the premiere of Naomi Wolf's 90-minute documentary The End of America (based on her book, pictured above) was intense, to say the least. In it, Wolf details the 10 steps a country takes to essentially become Nazi Germany ... and then she shows how the U.S. has taken all 10 steps in days of late.

You can download the film for free right here. It's worth the view. And thanks for some shoulder shakin', Salt Lake Film Center.
(Jerre Wroble)

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